Thursday, November 23, 2006

Please don't Harpo on this turkey of a post

Today is Thanksgiving here and in Japan. Yes in Japan it is called Labour Thanksgiving Day. That is interesting but everyone is talking about Thanksgiving, so to bring something different to the dinner table, I give you another reason to celebrate this fine day. 118 years ago on this day, Adolph Arthur Marx, popularly known as Harpo Marx, was born in 1888. Many people talk about being contemplative and quiet for Thanksgiving so I thought of the quietest person of all time. But what does Harpo have to do with the Internet? Because of this fact I am reminded of all the great Marx movies but where to go to find the info? IMDB or Internet Movie Database has been the place to go for years. They are the one stop site for movie information. They have over 825,865 titles. Cross referencing on this site is awesome. I can look up Harpo and find what movies or shows he was in. Put some time aside and give this one a try!

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erica said...

I had a patron come in this afternoon and tell me he was looking for a movie that the PPL owns with the word "paradise" in the title and starring Tom Selleck. The catalog and were failing me in finding the answer to this one, so having read your post this morning, I thought to use the IMDB to look up the career of Tom Selleck. I found Stone Cold starring Tom Selleck, where he plays Jesse Stone, police chief of Paradise, MA. I think we have a winner. Thank you.