Thursday, January 25, 2007

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine.” Morris West

I wish this was a great site or useful tip but it is just a simple warning. There is a virus being spammed everywhere. Spammed is an old fashioned way of getting viruses to email boxes. Millions of emails go out and hope many open them. Now onto the problem at hand. A programmer out in cyberspace is taking advantage of the storm in Europe. So, many emails are showing up with the subject lines like 230 dead as storm batters Europe and British Muslims Genocide. There is an easy way to defeat this type of virus, simply do not open it or if you do, do not use the attachment. You will notice that the extension of the attachment is an .EXE. An extension is just the end set of letters to a program that tells the computer what program to use like .DOC or .PDF. The problem with an .EXE is that is an executable file type, meaning that it can do what it needs to just by you clicking on it. Translation please! Well it needs you to click on it and then it will do its stuff all by itself. In this case it will release a simple virus that will try to take over your computer and give access to others. This is decidedly not friendly.
To recap: see a subject line like the ones above? Throw it out and you should be fine. Definitely give it a try!
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