Friday, February 09, 2007

“I do not read advertisements - I would spend all my time wanting things” Franz Kafka

I have written here before about the power of Firefox to block ads. This would be OK if it were not for the fact that the static image ad is changing to a moving ad. Firefox does not have the power to stop these alone. An add-on helps to block this type of ad. AdBlock is that add-on. Once it is installed in Firefox, it will give you the ability to right click on an ad to block it. The feature I really like is that it can block the frame that it is in and the ad itself. This means that it will not leave a big blank box on your screen where the blocked ad was. So far it is not 100% effective but I am willing to use it even if it only works most of the time. This really is a fantastic tool if you tend to get distracted by all the flashing ads. Give it a try and start blocking today!

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