Tuesday, May 22, 2007

“Words not only affect us temporarily; they change us, they socialize or unsocialize us.” David Riesman

Much of the new Internet is about social and community geared sites and activities. These sites are usually tagged with the label web 2.0. Some sites, like FlickR are about taking photos and then discussing them in every detail or finding others that have the same interests as yourself. For some, Web 2.0 can be abstract and hard to understand until you actually try it. It is like explaining art to a person who has never seen a piece of artwork. Paint on a square canvas sounds ridiculous. One such site that is amazingly popular and is moving quite fast replacing other web 2.0 activities is Twitter. Twitter has only one goal, to answer the question "what are you doing right now". You type in what you are doing and it gets sent on to a person's computer, IM, cell phone, or whatever tech they use. As an example I go to restaurant and send a twitter, all my friends will receive the info. The potential is that a friend will stop by or just know that I am there. This is a tenuous connection but for some that thread is not only useful but comforting. Think of the mother who has kids away at college and gets a twitter posts throughout the day. This gives the mother an idea of what is going on in their lives. What is the difference between this and a phone call? There is no obligation on your part like a phone call . Read it, forget it or follow up on it. This is being called nano blogging because of the personal information and it's tiny tiny size. This service is of the love or hate variety. However many people have said this is the dumbest idea try it for only a week and are not willing to get rid of it. Give it a try if you dare.

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