Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Set the WABAC Machine to 1895" Mr. Peabody to Sherman

When you look at some websites do you ever wonder what they looked like years ago, maybe when they first started? EBay is a good example. It started in 1997 and has gone through change after change. They added new features, changed their logo and adapted new practices as the Internet grew. What watch need is a way to see what it was like at that point. The Wayback Machine has been archiving the Internet since 1996 and almost has 2 billion pages. You can search for any site and if it has it archive it will be broken up by year and certain archiving dates through that year. It is a very interesting reference to see how much it has changed. it gives some real perspective and helps out the student or researcher to find information that may have been removed years ago. Also they feature categories like how web pages were reacting to the election of 2000 or any other large event. Give it a try to see the past of the net.

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