Monday, July 30, 2007

“It is legal because I wish it.” Louis XIV

I know I have written a lot about music and the availability of legal MP3s but it is an obsession of mine. Yesterday a student was asking about her daughter’s music and whether or not she will get into trouble for it. The simple rule is if you bought it you own it. This means if you buy a CD or purchase from an online retailer like iTunes it is yours. That being said there have always been artists that give away their music for free so that you get a taste and want to come back for more. Also copyrights do not last forever and a lot of music is free because of it. Think of all the fantastic music warehoused in the Library of Congress. Much of it is opened to your own use. The site MP34U uses all these legit sources to our advantage. First they have tons of music available for download all categorized by genre. The reason I like this site is that it is information rich. Every song has some sort of description and a history, as in why it is there, the type, how is it legal, where it came from. The range is wonderful you might come across folk music from the turn of the century to brand new hip hop. Lastly if you do not know what to listen to there is a submission voting system from the artists. The artist submits songs they get voted on and eventually the cream of the crop gets listed in their MP3 jackpot. This is a lot of fun because you never know what you will stumble across. Enjoy legal music by giving this a try.

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