Wednesday, July 18, 2007

“I've a grand memory for forgetting.”Robert Louis Stevenson

Do you carry your cell phone with you at all times? Are you forgetful and would you benefit from a little prompting? Well, oh, don't forget is a great service for all of us that are always having to apologize for not remembering. All you do is type in your cell phone number, the time and date you wish the reminder to show up, and the message. You are correct that you will have to pay the text message charge but that usually cost around .10 cents and the service is totally free. Why is this useful? Spend a half and hour and type in all the birthdays you have to remember and on that day "pop" you get a text telling you not to forget. Anything could be put here or just and text to yourself from the past saying keep up the good job. This is very Total Recall. Remember to give this a try.

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