Thursday, October 19, 2006

Buy Buy Birdie

Many people buy items offline with no problems. If you stay with the big named stores there are usually few problems like an Amazon or a Target but this does not mean you are getting the best deals. Some of the more obscure and newer sites can be a lot cheaper or have items that are unavailable any where else. A good place to find stores are on sites like Froogle. There is one issue unfortunately; sometimes you come across a disreputable seller. This is where a Rating system is needed so we are not taken advantage of. Reseller’s Ratings is user contributed site with ratings for online sellers. I check this first to see if a store I have found is legit. This site describes it self this way “ResellerRatings lets you compare prices, read real customer reviews, and see our original hot deals that we create for popular products by mixing and matching coupons, rebates, and sale prices. Start by using one of the search boxes below to find the best price at trusted stores!” Give it a try.

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