Thursday, October 26, 2006

I did not know I needed another one

The first post was about how to read more posts so I thought you had been shortchanged.

Are you tired of life with it's usual, repetitive days? You most likely cannot fly and this depresses you. Well then it is time for a new life, a Second life. Second Life is an extremely popular virtual world that exists on the web. Why would anyone want to hang out in a virtual world? Well, that is not always so simple. Some people wish things were different. I wish I could fly or I was taller or I was a girl or squirrel looking thing. If you want to be different or do different things then you are perfect candidate. Now that you understand why then the next question should be “what goes on in this perfect world?” Essentially anything goes. Concerts and art openings are happening there first. People are creating things out of their imagination. Many go to meet up with old friends or meet new ones all from all over the world. Some are saying this is the future of the net instead of page after page of static information. Your final question should be “when can I start and how much is it?” The answer is now and free. It is free but if you want to do some things like own virtual land so you can build houses you will need real money but otherwise it is free. You will need a good broadband connection (cable or DSL) to use it though. If you want to read more. Give it a try or just a look.

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