Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rarely So Simple!

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a way of staying on top of what is new on a web page. This could be news or when there are new recipes added, anything really. Let’s say that you are interested in a web page and it’s contents but you are sick of going to the site and pulling it up and then finding that there is nothing new. Now enter RSS, this is a bit of computer code that can be used to let a piece of software called a reader to, well read the code and deliver then new news. Many people confuse email and RSS feeds. E-mail you get and if you do not read it it stays there filling up your inbox while RSS feeds can be looked at or not. There is no pressure with an RSS feed; you read or don’t. So far this sounds complicated but it is easy. You need a reader. There are many but I think Feedreader is the easiest and it is free. This one is for windows only. I will test a bunch for MAC as soon as I can. OK now that you have downloaded it and installed it you can start looking for either the orange letters that say RSS or you can just subscribe to it. To do so, go to the webpage and then open Feedreader and then add it using the button “new”. Now you can play with all the features but while the Feedreader is open it pops up with a window that shows anything new on your selected pages. Give it a try with this page.

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