Thursday, October 19, 2006

Steal the book 3

For those of those that have taken my classes you know I very rarely ever recommend books, but this one is a favorite. It is called Steal this Computer Book 3. There is a 4th version out but the library owns a copy of this one. Now why do I like this one? Well this gives a decent primer about the internet and the computer world in general. It mainly talks about the gray area that most books skip. It gives a real world perspective on things like rootkits, spyware, web bugs, identity theft, hacktivism, wireless hacking (wardriving), biometrics, and firewalls. However while giving info it does not do it in an alarming fashion like a news channel that actively tries to scare you. It gives real info and examples but it is not overly technical. Find it here33. Give it a try.

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