Thursday, November 02, 2006

The addiction is in full swing

The rest of the remaining time before the election I would like to devote to stuff for the political junkies out there. Also I want to show you where, how and what you are voting on. No I am not telling you which issues to back or my personal views but how to get the information you need to be an informed voter.

To start with is a great site by NPR. Some people think they can be biased but they do a great job of putting together information. This is a map showing all the races around the country. You can get breakdowns of Governor, Senate and House races. This next one is similar in that it is a map but it has quick and easily viewed current statistics of the races. Just point to any state and it shows you. Just one more map, this one is a bit boring but it gives more info about the races and facts about everything from voting machines to ID Requirements. The site is put on by the league of women voters. There will be more tomorrow. In the meantime give these a try!

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