Monday, November 06, 2006

Can't Vote, Won't Vote

I will be working for my local election so this post is a day early.

Today is the day for you to vote. Now I know people are saying it does not count but this is wrong. On Tuesday night we will it comes down to a handful of votes that wins it for a candidate. Many people say that voting is privilege and not a right. I believe both of these words are wrong. It is a duty. You must vote! If you want a say on something then you must vote. If you dislike something that is going on then you must vote. If you believe a politician has done well, then doesn’t make sense to reward him/her. You vote changes what happens. Think of the history that has been altered because of voting for both the good and bad.

In other countries the voting turnout is huge. Here, even when we are angry, it is lower than most countries. This is one of the few days that your voice is heard. Now, I am not going to tell what to vote but I can tell you to back up concerns with action. You must vote! This is a link to a decent slideshow that is entitled “Can’t Vote, Won’t Vote” by the Boston Globe. Watch it and tell me if you agree. Please leave a comment. Give it a try.

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Erica said...

Good for you, thank you for working the polls today. It's democracy people! You've got to participate.