Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Always keep a fox in your car

The question is one of vehicles. If 80% of people drive a type of car then it only makes sense that the thieves of the world will learn to break into that vehicle first. Internet Explorer is the most used browser and that means that workarounds and hacks are targeted for IE first. If this is true then I need another browser. The one that people have been switching to for a while is Mozilla Firefox. I use it because it is safer and I get less pop-ups. I also use it because it is faster and easier. It uses tabbed browsing which means I only open one window but all my open websites are just a click away. Also if there is a known problem, Firefox seems to fix it quickly by sending updates out when needed. Another useful feature is the add-ons. They range from the useful like color coding your tabs to the useless like the Abe Vigoda’s status add-on. There is also a fanlike following for Firefox. Check this image taken from space. Give it a try!

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