Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Finally some harmony for the fickle

Some of us need a healthy dose of distraction to get anything done. The old maxim "whistle while you work" is fine but this is a bit better. Sometimes I am trying to get something accomplished but I just want some new music. The problem is that the radio is filled with ads and it is usually not what I am in the mood for. This is where Musicovery comes into action. Now before I explain I must say there are a lot of streaming radio sites out there but none like this. There is a box on the left that allows you to choose from many genres and then pick the type of mood you want: dark, positive, or neutral. It is all a matter of clicking your choice. Also, it allows you to choose a tempo and era so that you can find some energetic 80s music or awesome dark plodding 90s. It is like having Wolfman Jack in your computer. Give it a try!

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