Friday, December 01, 2006

First star to the right and straight on till midnight

As a kid I traveled a lot. But when I got home I would always put a new thumbtack in my world map. Traveling around the world was the dream but the map was always my key to knowing where to plan for next. Unfortunately, every time I move I have to start my map all over again. This is where Travbuddy comes in hand. Just click on the locations you have been and hit create your travel map and there it is. I really like the percentage of the visited world that it displays. Also you can meet and discuss with fellow travelers and see other people's pics and get their take on hotels and the like. Start with the map and see where it leads. Give it a try!


Erica said...

i can't get my map to show up. :(

Shane Sher said...

Try it now. It could have just been a temporary glitch.