Monday, February 26, 2007

“The Macintosh is not a computer, it's a way of life.” Don Rittner

Now I know I concentrate mainly, when it comes to software, on PCs but I would, for at least a week, like to focus on the Macintosh. First off, I am a Mac fan and have been for a very long time. But I teach on PCs because they are the majority of the market. To begin with I wish to highlight the Apple store for my students who want more maccentric teaching. They offer free classes to anyone on the products that come with your computers. This is the link for classes at the Providence Place Mall. Also for other learning possibilities there is a great site called The idea here is that let's say I know something about the Mac or a program and I think I could teach that. Well they help you to record the lesson and post it on the site. They do a nice job because it is audio and visual. Also it is a la carte so choose what you want to learn. Now there is a cost but to try it go on a Tuesday and you can download a module for free. Learn something new and give it a try.

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