Tuesday, February 13, 2007

“The public doesn't want new music: the main thing it demands of a composer is that he be dead.” Arthur Honegger

There is music all over the net but is there a place to hear the classics? The answer is yes. To use their words " Classic Cat is a directory with links to over 4000 free to download classical performances on the Internet, sorted by composer and work." There is so much music on here it is ridiculous. Thankfully the site is easy to navigate and has simple to understand directions. I like the filtering choices too. Sometime you want to find a piece that is only violin or piano. Also for the person unfamiliar with musical terms, like me, there is a dictionary. I was amazed to find a whole section devoted to blind composers. If you love classical music or just want to try some different music give it a try!

Note: It has been proved that listening to Classical music stimulates the cerebral cortex and helps with concentration. I always pumped Bach before a test.

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