Monday, February 05, 2007

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction” Winston Churchill

Well you have been hearing about the new operating system Vista and you are thinking maybe I should upgrade. Sometimes change is good...and it can be bad. If you are thinking of using your old computer you should understand some basics. First you should test to see if your computer can handle it. Windows makes an application to do just that. It is called the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Now even the advisor says you can run it but you need to understand that you may not get all the benefits it is supposed to offer. Many machines right now cannot run all the new niftiness that it is supposed to have. Check the different types of editions. Most likely the computer that you run can only support Home Basic Edition. This does not give you much for upgrading. My advice is that you wait until you need another computer and then buy one; it will come with Vista anyway. I also believe in waiting for a new system to work out all the bugs before I buy. I wait somewhere around a year or so. I know you have waited five years for the new operating system but just understand that the next system is already in beginning phases. It's codename is Vienna. Don't hold your breath waiting. Give the adviser and try!

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