Friday, March 02, 2007

“If I look confused it's because I'm thinking” Samuel Goldwyn

As the last post of the Mac week I leave you with an easy one. Understanding computers does not always take years or countless manuals. Many times it is what questions you ask and where you ask them. In the latest version of the Macintosh operating system, Tiger, there is an easy way to get your answers. Click on the system preferences on the dock and then click at the top right in the oval search box. Now ask it any question you like. As an example, I want to know what button to click on to change the brightness setting. Type in something like brightness, as you do it will immediately start to gray out buttons that have nothing to do with your question. A list will pull down that will be more specific to the question. Choose from the list and it will show you which button to choose in the future. It will also bring you to the settings that you want. Read more and worry less. Give it a try.

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