Wednesday, March 14, 2007

“There is no feeling, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music.” T.S. Eliot

Since I started the weeks post reviewing a book about a music player I thought it is only fair to speak about music that is open to any player that can play a MP3. Unfortunately the atmosphere today with music companies and pirated music sites has left the consumer to think that all music found on the internet is illegal. This is major misconception. One of my students had asked whether her son was going to get in trouble because of the music he had downloaded. The answer can be confusing. If he downloaded it from a network that shares illegal music like Limewire then possibly. If the son paid for the music using a service like Rhapsody or iTunes then no. However there are other legal and free choices that are open to anyone as well. I recommend stopping off at CNET's music site. They have categorized all the music to find what you are looking for easier. Some of the music will have either a listen button or a download button. If it has the download button then you may bring it into your computer and play as much as you would like. The reason for the free downloads are simple. The music is put up by the artist and they choose whether or not to have free downloads. They want you to hear their great hits and go buy the album. The nice thing here is that it is a mix. Not just mainstream but someone who has a sound studio in their basement but makes spectacular music. I was extremely happy to find a download from a geek artist called Barcelona. Whatever your tastes give it a try!

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