Thursday, April 19, 2007

“Why is abbreviation such a long word?”

WB DYK all the CUA or R U DSH....confused?
Translation: Welcome back, do you know all the commonly used acronyms or are you desperately seeking help. This type of language is generally known as netspeak or Internet slang. It is used to speed up conversation. This is not anything new. Acronyms were around a lot longer than computers, think OK. Acronyma is a great site that has many of these CUAs from netspeak like LOL to any acronym out there like SCUBA. I know what you are thinking is YAW (yet another website) but this one is a lot of fun. Just try almost anything and there is some strange acronym out there for it. Give it a try.


Jason Camp said... is probably a better resource. It's updated daily, with over 200 new entries each day. has PPL and EPPL, but doesn't. :-)

Shane Sher said...

Good suggestion. I was unaware of this site. Nice find!