Thursday, June 28, 2007

“Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow; he who would search for pearls must dive below.” John Dryden

This Google search feature is one of my favorites. Many times I go to a site and I am overwhelmed by the amount of individual webpages or I just cannot seem to find what I am looking for. I usually use something called site search. First I head to the site I want to search and I copy the URL or the address of the site and then I head to Google. When there I type in the word site with a colon and then I paste or type the site's address. It should look something like this. site: Now once I have that I add in words that I want to search for like "computers." So my final search looks like this site: computer. I then hit enter or search and now I see any pages from that website that have the word computer on it. This is a great way to cut through sites that are jam packed with info. So if you know the answer to your search in on a site but cannot find it give this a try.

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