Tuesday, July 03, 2007

“Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” Orson Welles

So it is finally official you cannot stand the basic set of fonts that came with your computer and you need something really different for a project, then it is time to head to 1001fonts. To begin what is a font? A font is a set of instructions for your computer that tells it how to write in a specific style. Two of the most famous fonts are Arial and Times New Roman. Years ago we were having a Halloween party and we wanted the invitations to look like ransom notes. To do so I checked on the net for ransom note font and tons of results came up. Once I found one I downloaded it to the computer and then unzipped it. Many files come compressed to speed up downloading so many times you will have to use a free program like 7-zip to unpack it. Then I clicked on the start button and the control panels. Finally I dragged the font file I had to the font folder and watched it install itself. Once that was done I closed everything and opened Microsoft Word and changed the font from Times New Roman to Ransom note. Now when I start typing it looks like a ransom not or whatever font I set it to. 1001 fonts has a ton of different fonts and styles but if this explanation confused you use their help section and it should answer all the questions you have. If you need a fresh look to your writing then give it a try.

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