Monday, July 16, 2007

"It's a trap!" Admiral Ackbar

Recently I had an unusual question concerning a check. The person had received a check for a company that said she had won $5000 dollars from some sort of lottery. All she had to do was call this number and they would tell her how to collect. This all sounds great but the question is is it true and is it safe to pursue? So I did some searching and came across this gem of a website called Ripoff Report. Like so many websites now, this is a user generated information site. Essentially, if you know of a scam or have received a letter, phone call, etc....,you can come to this site and check to see what others have found about the information you have received. It is easy to search or just browse through the listings. Much of the posts are well thought out but there are a few that are useless. If you are not sure of something you may want to give this a try.
Note:If you are not geeky enough to know Admiral Akbar then please click here

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I know Admiral Akabar. And, I too discovered the "little gem", Ripoff Report, for some nasty business I had with Best Buy (which has subsequently been fixed by Best Buy). Given I now try to check it before believing a letter, email or telemarketer. Not every bad guy is in there yet, though, and I did get taken pretty badly by a "little" art buying scam. Wish someone had told me about ripoffreport 4 years ago!