Monday, August 27, 2007

“The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple.” Freeman Dyson

I keep hearing the phrase the future of technology but what it is? Well, I do not know but I have seen glimpses of it. One new tech, that isn’t so new, is OLED. Now this is not, as I always hear, a game changer but this is a beginning to and end. You have heard of LED. They are in everything from flashlights to stoplights. The reason they are so great is they use about a ¼ of the electricity of incandescents and they are generally brighter. OLED are organic light emitting diodes. They are organic because they are made from algae and when electricity is run through the algae it lights up. Who cares you say, well over the next five years TV and other equipment will be made out of this stuff. Does it make it better? Yes it is brighter and better quality then what you have seen before. Oh and it is thinner. A lot thinner, about as thick as a cereal box cardboard. It is also bendable. This means that the viewing of things will start to change from a static screen in the living room to, eventually, wearable screens. Think clothing that has video running through it. Now this does not mean tomorrow this is happening but because of the flexibility, decreased use of electricity, and clarity the paths have opened up. Below is a video showing off a prototype from Sony. Look for it soon.

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