Monday, August 20, 2007

“There's very definitely a learning curve, ... I made it work because I absolutely had no choice.” David Pogue

A question I get a lot from my classes is how do you stay on top of technology information when it moves so fast and there is so much of it? My usual answer is I do not. I find the more I know the more I realize how very little I really know. I do try though. I use RSS feeds, email newsletters, podcasts, videos, and columns to keep my head above the rising tide that is tech info. Unfortunately so much is dry and without any humor or fun at all. I thought technology was supposed to be exciting and not dry as overcooked toast. That is why when I get a chance to go to David Pogue’s pages I jump at it. Pogue has been writing book/manuals since 1999. Many of them are very good and I do recommend them. However I want to discuss all his other ways of getting info to you. He has a column for the NY Times, and an e-mail column, radio segment on tech for NPR, and most entertaining videos. I watched one were he reviewed hand held scanners under the pretext of stealing the new Harry Potter book. is a compilation of all his information and segments but even better is his pledge.

“This site is 100% free of animations, ads, annoying backgrounds, java, frames, and anything that blinks.”

If you would like some tech info with some decent humor give the link a try.

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