Wednesday, June 06, 2007

“Always live in the ugliest house on the street - then you don't have to look at it” David Hockney

Yesterday I was driving somewhere and I had a map from a site like Mapquest to tell me which way to go. It worked fine and I got where I needed to be but it took me a while to find the exact building because the numbers were gone. It would have been so useful to actually see the building, not from space, but from street level. Google has finally jumped on board to start mapping the USA from the street. However they are only doing certain major cities so far. They are not the first to do this by any means. Amazon's search site A9 tried this a year ago. Now Google's street maps are not bad, but a little taxing on the processor. I will say I found them fun for a while to walk down the streets virtually. It is not all good. What Google has done is capture a moment in time. I mean that if you were on the street at that moment you were photographed and our now part of the map, at least for a little while. People have been photographed doing all the things we do on a public street. Sometimes people are checking the contents of their noses or going into certain types of store. All this is pulled into the camera for good and bad. Click here to check see the video intro. Also to see a bit of the strangeness, someone has already put out a top 15 site of the odd sights. Give it a try.

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