Monday, June 04, 2007

“I just hate health food” Julia Child

The purpose of the blog has always been to show how useful the computer and the Internet can be in our normal lives. The are some sites that will help us work faster or better, more efficient, but what about our bodies? Eat Better America is a nice site that tries to help with the issue of nutrition. It is a great site with lots of info. The recipes seem to be straight forward and look delicious. I might try some tonight. They also have targeted fitness routines depending on what you are looking for. I chose to get the beat on the heart as they put it so they steered me towards foods that will help my heart. It had examples along with pictures for all of them. I really like the you are what you eat section. As they put it nutritional information should not be as dry as Melba Toast. Give it a try.

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