Monday, June 25, 2007

“In the circle in which I travel, a dumb man is more dangerous than a hundred rats.” Joe Valachi

Sometimes I am looking for a discussion on particular tech subject. Now I am not looking for dry details but a fairly lively discussion with real opinions. I sometimes turn to Lab Rats. They are two guys who sit down and record episodes on certain specific subjects. They go from the basics to an advanced level and they bring you along with them. When you go to their site you need to pick a show and then pick a format. I find the flash versions are the easiest. I recently watched an interesting discussion of all the different platforms and which one is best. They talked about Windows, Linux, and Macintosh and I must say they were very careful in this episode not too throw their biases too much around. The only let down is the advertisements but they are quick and go to support the shows. Also I really like the little pop up add-ins that show up on the screen with a "pop".If you are confused on a subject give it a try.

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