Wednesday, June 27, 2007

“The movies enable an actor not only to act but also to sit down in the theater and clap for himself” Will Rogers

Alright I did say in the future I would talk about lesser known Google features but it seems the future is now and so for the rest of the week it is all Google.

What is the main part of the paper that disappears instantly in a home? The movie section always seems to be the most elusive. Now you decide to go see a movie and now you must call the theater and sit and listen to every film they have or wade through all the stuff on a site like movie phone. Instead I generally do two things. I type in the word movie and my zip code in to the Google search box. An example would be movie:02906. This will bring you to a page with every theater in your local area. It lists every movie and time at the theaters. It also give you direct links to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and to the movies trailer. Do not forget the colon after the word movie. This is very important. Now the other choice is to type in the name of the movie like this movie:Evan Almighty, 02906. This will give you all the times from every theater in your local are for that one movie. I find this one a little trickier to use because the name of the movie has to be exact. i usually go for the first option. When going out with a group of friends to dinner and a movie print this out and drop it in your pocket. This way when you change your minds on the theater you have all your choices with you. If your heading to the movies give this one a try.

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